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Commercials, a nuisance!

Commercials, a nuisance! - Natividad Meyers

How many times I got annoyed by the marketing internet while I was trying to watch a movie or read an article online? I remember a few years back it wasn't a hassle to find a commercials free channel. I used to watch a lot of documentaries and short movies on YouTube, or simply listen to music.

Generally, I would create playlists with songs or albums of certain artists and bands that I like, and play them all while I am working. Music always helped me be more creative. Everyone loves music. Well, nowadays I can't really listen to my old playlists, because of the annoying ads. Either at the beginning of a song, or in the middle of it. Those one in the beginning, I can deal with, after a few seconds as I can skip the ad. But what do you do when the ad is a minute or two too Iong, and it doesn't offer you the option to skip it? I noted that the channels with all the hits which are still in the chart, or which became really popular, have a lot more ads, which is really annoying.

I know some people make money out of these ads, through AdSense or other thing I can't remember the name, but still! I tried to listen to Adele’s latest album and I gave up the idea when I saw that it was broken down within twenty pieces, meaning there were twenty ads. It was insane. Who wants to listen to a song and each two minutes have the song interrupted by a commercial? It ruins everything. It ruins the song, the concentration as well as the listener’s mood.

If YouTube was meant to be free, it should have been kept commercial free. I honestly hate these time consuming and nerve wrecking ads. I do wonder though now many people are actually buying something after visualizing such a commercial? Do they help increasing the sales? I personally don't picture myself purchasing an item or a product just because it was on TV. I do know a bunch of other people who share my opinion, and would not buy anything advertised online or on TV. Not even if the product would be having only highly positive reviews posted on its website. We all know how fake these are. Those reviews weren’t written by a satisfied returning customer, so let’s be realistic!


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Writer, journalist and blogger, Natividad Meyers welcomes you into her world. After publishing her first essay, she gained a certain notoriety and now writes in the web 2.0. As well as her blog, she also writes for several sites, where among other things, she has a column on health and wellness.