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The Kids Are Off For The Day

The Kids Are Off For The Day - Natividad Meyers

I got a little bit of unexpected news at the beginning of the week. The kids are going to be given the day off school so that an asphalt contractors Edmonton company can renovate the playground and hopefully give them a safer environment to play in. Apparently they will also be decorating everything with things like a track and hopscotch course, so that should be great as well.

Still, a day off school? Surely the people that organise these things could have arranged for them to be done over a weekend or during one of the school holidays. Surely a good asphalt company would happily come in when the kids aren't there to do the job? The last I knew most companies didn't stop working when the school gates closed.

Still, I'm going to take advantage of the day to spend a little time with the kids. They are still in bed at the moment, so I'm up pretty early writing this before I get breakfast ready. I've booked the day off work and I think I'm going to take them out to the park so that we can feed the ducks and make the most of the situation. After all, a day isn't going to make all that much of a difference to their educations and it will be great for them to head into school on Monday to see a brand new layer of asphalt on the playground for them to enjoy.

My husband is a little jealous. I can tell. He's seated across from me pouting because he still has to go to work today. I can't help but take a little bit of childish glee in the fact that he is going to be at work while the rest of us are enjoying the day off and doing whatever we want. Asphalt suddenly has an even bigger upside than I expected.

I’m going to head off now to get breakfast started. We always make it a point to get the kids up before we go to work and today isn’t going to be any different just because I'm not heading out today. Plus it will keep them in something like their usual routine as well, so they won't get stuck into long weekend mode when they do go back to school. I'm going to leave the computer alone for a little while and pop the kettle on.


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