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Love For Fashion

Love For Fashion - Natividad Meyers

After completing my graduation, I was keenly interested in the medium of fashion because I have always been witnessing seniors doing such stuff. The word fashion had always mesmerized me. It was one thing in the whole world I was stuck on.

Since childhood, I was a fashion freak. My mother often used to call me a fashion bird who flew with the wind enchanted by style. I could never forget her words – they will last in my memory forever!

At this phase in my life, I needed to have a head start into this field of crafty style and trendy lifestyle. I called some of my friends and asked them several questions and got info I was looking for. I was going to a bridal show being held in one of the best hotels in town by a renowned designer of the year.

By using some of my connections, I managed to get a pass to the show at the eleventh hour. I experienced a feeling of triumph after holding that entry voucher in my hands. It was the beginning of my new life. I couldn’t sleep the whole night. I was overpowered by my imaginations.

The morning approached and I rushed out of bed. I had to get there in time in order to get a front seat,lest I sit among the back benchers. To make sure that I wont be late, I went to a Car Rental Agency. I had made a special dress for the most special event of my life as this type of event was all I had been waiting for all these years. I got my makeup and hair done from a renowned parlor. Wearing that dress, I felt like a princess. I set out to go to the show and when I arrived, I was greeted by a bunch of photographers rushing towards me.

They were probably inspired by my beauty and of course, my own fashion. But I had no idea I looked so wonderful that the event photographers would try to take my snapshot. I walked with confidence, giving them the looks and glances they craved.

The show was about to begin and I was just too happy for being a part of such a magnanimous event. The show went on smoothly and beautifully, and I felt so lucky to have seen it all live.

After a week, I was back to my old routine when I got a letter at my home which stated I was called for an interview at a fashion magazine!


The author:


Writer, journalist and blogger, Natividad Meyers welcomes you into her world. After publishing her first essay, she gained a certain notoriety and now writes in the web 2.0. As well as her blog, she also writes for several sites, where among other things, she has a column on health and wellness.