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Mold: The Terror of my Life

Mold: The Terror of my Life - Natividad Meyers

I stayed at my friend's place a few days back. We had planned to watch a movie together. Everything went as we planned. We went to school and I went to her house after school. We played in the garden, listened to songs, watched the movie and then we slept while talking to each other.

I woke up around 3 o'clock in the morning as I was thirsty. I got up and switched the side lamp on. That is when I saw something creepy on the wall behind the lamp. It was a thin line having four roots coming out of it. It looked like it was a hand of a demon which was coming out of the back of the bed. I screamed badly. My friend woke up and I told her what I saw. She glanced at it and then told me not to be afraid of it.

She told me that it was a mold, which is a kind of dirt that grows on the walls and surfaces because of water damage or some other reasons. I asked her to get it removed and then she told me that her parents had called for professional mold removal Montreal. The team would show up soon and would remove it. She also told me that there is a lot of mold creeping on the walls of their house because the drainage system of their house broke a few days back.

She further told me how to prevent consistent growth of mold in a house. She told me that her father used to remove it by himself. However, as mold grows to a great extent or if patches grow so big, professional services are required.

The worst thing about that night was that I had a dream later that night that a thin hand with thing fingers is coming towards my neck and tried to kill me. I promised that I would not go to any of my friends' place after that night.

I told my parents about the entire thing and they started laughing at me. But I know how I felt when I had the dream. I avoid going to any of my friends' place for a night's. stay. I also ask my mother to keep the house neat and clean from all the corners so that I don't have to see the horrifying mold ever again.


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Writer, journalist and blogger, Natividad Meyers welcomes you into her world. After publishing her first essay, she gained a certain notoriety and now writes in the web 2.0. As well as her blog, she also writes for several sites, where among other things, she has a column on health and wellness.