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The special marks

The special marks - Natividad Meyers

A few days after my son was born, I noted that he had some white marks on his neck. Since I was still in the hospital with him, I asked the doctor what were those tiny things I was seeing on his thighs. I thought they were tiny bumps like milia – all kids have those within the first years of life.

The pediatrician took a look at my son and smiled. He added that those marks were nothing. It was a simply pigmentary lesions. He explained that most of the children born from mixed couples (Black and Asian in our case) present this type of white spots. He continued saying that my husband's pigment was stronger, given that the baby turned out having a darker skin than mine.

Once he mentioned that they were not harmful for my baby, I did not care about them. Plus they were not visible because of their location. Only when I would undress him, change him or wash him, they would be seen.

Once he grew and he inquired me about them, I told him they were called beauty spots that made him special. He was quite happy with my explanation. He never seemed to be bothered by their existence, not even when he reached his teenage years.

Way before that, I remember one day he came from school and said that I had tricked him. I had no idea what he was talking about. Then he said that he had learnt in school about skin pigments and he realized that my story about him being special was not real. I pleaded guilty as charged and offered him a chocolate ice cream as truce. While we were having the ice cream, I felt the need to reassure him that he was special to me and his dad. We were proud of him and loved him dearly.

If there was something that we could have changed about him, we wouldn't have done it because we were happy with him the way he was. We adored him from the day I have found out I was pregnant. Nothing had changed in between. He seemed pleased with my speech and gave me a long strong hug that I still remember.

Two days ago we had a new conversation on the same topic. He revealed that he had a new classmate, a girl from Quebec City who had just move over here. Apparently she was having the same type of marks on her face and on her left arm. He mentioned that some of the girls in his class were gossiping about it. He did not care. He was the first one to make friends with her.


The author:


Writer, journalist and blogger, Natividad Meyers welcomes you into her world. After publishing her first essay, she gained a certain notoriety and now writes in the web 2.0. As well as her blog, she also writes for several sites, where among other things, she has a column on health and wellness.