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There’s nothing I love more than shopping

There’s nothing I love more than shopping - Natividad Meyers

I adore my little town because it has this amazing little street that is packed full of shops that are all just a little bit quirky. A girl won’t find any major chain stores on this street, and every store is family-owned and has its own individual personality. Each has its own awning in Montreal and they all have different designs. It’s simply a pleasure to walk down the street and look at all of the storefronts. Sometimes I don’t even buy anything and just go for a walk because I find the whole place so relaxing.

I think that sense of individuality is something that a lot of modern shops are missing, especially the ones in malls. Each awning in Montreal lends the shop it’s own a little bit of personality and while a lot of the bigger chains have their own awning in Montreal there just seems to be something missing from them that makes them a little less personable, at least for me.

There’s another reason why I love that street too, when it’s raining I’m never far away from shelter no matter where I am! I’m not a big fan of lugging an umbrella around with me everywhere I go, which does mean that I occasionally get caught out and suffer an absolute soaking when I’m not careful. That never happens on my little street of shops. All I need to do is duck under an awning Montreal and wait out the weather. I can ever pop into a nice little coffee shop or check out a shop while I’m doing it. The best part is that I can go to a bunch of different shops while it’s raining without ever having to worry about getting wet because they all have an awning for me to duck under.

I’ve spent so many hours of my life in that little street, with its cobbled roads and small town feel. I even had my first date with my current boyfriend at my favourite coffee shop on the street, which is even more reason for me to love it. Sometimes I find myself wondering what life would be if I decided to move to the city and, while it is appealing to an extent, it’s the little places like this that I think I would miss the most. Small town life is great in so many different ways.


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Writer, journalist and blogger, Natividad Meyers welcomes you into her world. After publishing her first essay, she gained a certain notoriety and now writes in the web 2.0. As well as her blog, she also writes for several sites, where among other things, she has a column on health and wellness.